Aquazone Game Information

This is a short summary for the Virtual Aquarium game called Aquazone. This game is older. and not supported. Aquazone2 is out but on the Japanese version.

There are three versions in English. Aquazone Deluxe, Aquazone Deluxe II and Aquazone Deluxe II with Guppies.

In Aquazone the fish live and they breed and they die. It is up to you on the tank conditions to get desired results. It is in real time and the clock does not stop when you turn off your computer. If they breed they will have fry and those fry will grow into fish and can also breed. Different species take different tank conditions.

There are also addons for "fantasy fish" the Mekasia series are metal fish, which take really odd tank conditions, they can get red rust deaseas! They also breed and die.

The differences of the releases are these:

Aquazone Deluxe - Comes with limited fish, meaning when they die, you must re - install. In the pastyou could order and buy fish from the internet, but the site is no longer supported and fish cannot be bought. Which is a shame because they have fish that does not come on the cd.

This is what comes with the Aquazone Deluxe Version:


  • Choose from 6 beautiful species of tropical freshwater fish
  • Add life to your aquarium with 5 varieties of aquatic plants
  • Customize your aquarium with decorative accessories, gravel, and backdrops
  • Create your own personal Aquazone accessories with the Acc-Maker
  • Includes 12 deluxe preconditioned tanks--just add the fish

This is what is with Aquazone Deluxe II:

  • The AQUAZONE application, which allows you to create, customize, and maintain an endless number of tanks.
  • 6 species of beautiful tropical freshwater fish (2 new species!)
    • Unlimited Neon Tetra 
    • Unlimited Leopard Catfish
    • 5 Angelfish
    • 5 Black Molly
    • 5 Red Phantom Tetra and
    • 5 False Rummy-nose Tetra
  • 5 Beautiful Aquatic Plant Species
  • 7 Classic Aquarium Accessories, including an animated Treasure Chest!
  • AQUAZONE Accessory Maker.  Create your own custom animated AQUAZONE accessories!
  • Unlimited Supply of Fish Food
  • Medicine & Water Conditioners
  • 4 Colorful Varieties of  Gravel
  • 15 Unique Tank Backdrops
  • 12 Gorgeous Pre-Conditioned Starter Tanks ready for your fish
  • In-depth Multimedia Reference Support

AQUAZONE Deluxe II with Guppies is a bundle package including both AQUAZONE Deluxe and the new Guppies Add-on Pack.


This is all for the English Aquazone. Japanese Aquazone addlons will work with English addons. You can addon but the English will disappear and you will have to remember what button does what. Die Hard fans of Aquazone do this quite well.

Now there are 2rd party tools to hack int oaquazone and change fish stats, change tank conditions, make your own gravel, food, re-color fish and even make your own fish out of any graphic.

Sounds like fun? It is but I rather the English side of the company would have finished releasing all the versions, like the goldfish version they advertised. And all the different Japanese fish we don't have in English.

The pittfalls are that the Aquazone colors ar eonly 256 colors. Using a mac 256 pallete will help, but colors are limited. the new Aquazone2 version is gorgious, but no English and no fun tools to create your own accessories and gravels. There is a tool for back drops and the new backdrops are 3 sided. But it is not the same as all the stuff you can do with the first Aquazone. I don't see any Hope of the new Aquazone being in English. They claim there is no market in English speaking countries.


Here's hopeing that we will see a program in ENGLISH in the future. Or a simmilar program from a different company. Aquazone is a great program, but the company does nto support thier product and in my opinion does not care about its customers.