Aquazone the Legacy

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This site is dedicated to the Virtual Desktop Life Aquazone.

It was a cool little game, that the users got involved with. Aquariums and fish and breeding. Users made their own content. You don't see to much of that anymore. For it's time, it was fun.

It's a shame there should be something like this with current technology but the MMA and Facebook games took over. Anything today requires to be connected to the internet and they control every little pixel.

When the Openbook sold or dumped Aquazone, whom ever brought it out as kinda of like a screen savor, you can change stuff around and change out the fish, but no breeding and the real life simulation. They took out the one thing that made it special.

The little tank below is of a tank I currently have, They are Harlequin Rasboras. It's one of my favorite simple tanks I enjoy.