SPP Files and Information

This is an old site that I put up after the game SPP was dumped by Google. A guy kind of took it over after google worked it out of the players to download, graphics and thier work to view. A guy wrote a program so that people could view their stuff, edit thier stuff, not really play the game, which is great it was a great idea. HOWEVER he charges a montly fee to see your work online and you have to be online to see items also must be a member in his community. It's not a lot of money, I just checked. As of today it's still 5.00.

This site will be dedicated to providing you (Former SPP players and New players) with files to add to your HMO (habitat decorater program) and SPPlite (habitat viewer)

The quick version

SPP was a flash game that lots of people fell in love with. It was more than a virtual pet game, because of the structure "mini" communitites were formed and it had a bigger meaning. Google bought the company Slide Inc that ran SPP. Google then decided to get rid of SPP and take the Slide company to other Google projects. The players held their ground and we received the ability to download our saved "habitats" A fellow player decided to work on a program that would let us edit those saved "habitats" and thus Neil brought forth HMO. Lots of people spent months downloading as many items in habitats to save the games whole inventory. And we are free to share these files.

You need two programs, adobe air and his program: SPPlite - The application that allows you to view the pet in the habitat on your computer.
HMO - The app that allows you to extract items from the habitate and add to and eventually decorate with your saved inventory items.

To visit the communtiy of SPPers you can vist and join the Habi Makeover Community.