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Aquazone's Legacy of Files and Programs

The original Aquazone files are located at aquazone.me which is how this site came about. Back in the day it was Aquazone and Creatures 1, 2 and 3 along with Docking Station. Somewhere between simulation and virtual life games.


Aquazone Deluxe I & II with Guppies was an Aquarium back back in 1999. It started the interest in Simulation and Virtual Life games.

We also have SPP files, from the game that was cancelled by Google.

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Aquazone's Legacy of Files and Programs


Lots of changes I didn't plan for. But here we are.

Just installed Aquazone and all files including Japanese files and tools via Playonlinux. Creatures3 works great on Bottles.

Kay - Web-Something

I'm busy with Gunsmith Simulator and Viking Simulator by Gamehunters Studio on Steam!

Rich - WebGuy

SPP Files

For downloading right click on link and save as.


SPP Info

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